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Rhuby Menu - New


We are delighted to bring you our brand new Rhuby Menu, featuring the delicious Rhuby Liqueur. After tasting this fabulous rhubarb liqueur from Sweden, we knew we had come across something special and set about creating Rhuby Bloom. However we just couldn't stop at one cocktail and before we knew it we had an entire dedicated menu based around this exquisite drink.

We are the only Cocktail Company to offer a dedicated Rhuby Menu, and the liqueur itself it not yet widely available in bars. So to be one of the elite, be sure to ask for Rhuby Cocktails at your next party and spread the #RhubyLove with your friends on Twitter.

Rhuby Menu

Rhuby Romaine - Rhuby, Absolut Kurant, Rhubarb Syrup, Apple Juice

Vintage Rhuby Rose - Rhuby, Vanilla Vodka, Chambord, Cream

Vinrhu - Rhuby, Prosecco Vanilla Syrup, Hibiscus Flower

Rhu-Be-Doo - Rhuby, Spiced Rum, Ginger Ale

Rhuby Bloom - Rhuby, Gin, Peach Purée, Soda

Rhuby Crumble - Rhuby, Amaretto, Vodka, Cinnamon Syrup

Rhubypolitan - Rhuby, Absolut Citron, Triple Sec, Cranberry

Rhuberry Blu - Rhuby, Raspberry Vodka, Blueberries, Raspberry Juice