The Vintage Cocktail Company

Cocktail Masterclass

Ever wanted to learn how to mix exquisite cocktails and create truly fabulous garnishes?


With our tailored Masterclass you can do just that! From measuring and muddling, through to stirring and shaking we will guide you on how to mix your perfect cocktail. Learn which glassware is most suitable for each drink and whether it should have crushed, cubed or pebbled ice or indeed no ice at all! Be guided on how to create aesthetically pleasing garnishes using fruits, herbs, flowers, spices and vegetables. And how to decorate glassware with syrups, sugar, crushed biscuits and flavoured strands. To top it off we will even give you a little history or story of each cocktail if there's one to know!

The Vintage Cocktail Company is dedicated to bringing "The Golden Age of Cocktails" right into your very own home.
We provide a unique cocktail party experience taking you back to the Roaring 20's. A time of boas, flappers and pearls, but more importantly, a time of luxurious and lavish parties, serving sumptuous and decadent cocktails.


As you are probably aware, we only ever use the finest of ingredients when mixing our cocktails. Nothing other than premium branded spirits and liqueurs will ever do. But that in itself is not what makes our cocktails so special.

We pride ourselves on our complete attention to detail. From choosing the correct glass in which to serve the cocktail. Ensuring the glass is polished to a high shine and chilled to perfection. Selecting the right type of ice, whether it's crushed, cubed or blended. To taking time to create fresh, delicate garnishes which compliment the cocktail perfectly. Small things?? Yes indeed, however every cocktail we prepare and serve is lovingly created with care. And that, to us, is a big thing.

We don't need to toot on a tuba. Our customer testimonials confim that we set and maintain high standards through the feedback they provde. Fifty have awarded us a 5 Star rating. It is gratifying to know that we are delivering a high quality cocktail service and our customers are having a ball.

We offer different packages to suit your individual needs and can cater for any type of gathering throughout the Scottish Central Belt, whether it be a small intimate group, hen or birthday party or a larger full scale event.

Masterclass Packages start from £20 per person for three cocktails. Contact us for further information or to enquire about a booking.


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