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The Vintage Cocktail Co. Mobile Bar


Well perhaps our mobile cocktail bar doesn't look quite this elegant, however The Vintage Cocktail Company is dedicated to bringing "The Golden Age of Cocktails" right into your very own home.

We provide a unique cocktail party experience taking you back to the Roaring 20's. A time of boas, flappers and pearls, but more importantly, a time of luxurious and lavish parties, serving sumptuous and decadent cocktails.

We offer different packages to suit your individual needs and can cater for any type of gathering throughout the Scottish Central Belt, whether it be a small intimate group, hen or birthday party in your own home or a larger full-scale event.

Judging by our customer testimonials our bartendng service is second to none.


The Ingenues


The Ingenues were a vaudeville-style, all-girl jazz band based in Chicago, which toured the United States and other countries from 1925 to 1937. Managed by William Morris, the group performed frequently for variety theatre, vaudeville and picture houses, often billed as the opening stage show before double features.


They headlined the Ziegfeld Follies of 1927, Glorifying the American Girl, an act featuring 12 white baby-grand pianos as well as various combinations of brass bands, strings and woodwind.


The group specialised in jazz, Tin Pan Alley, light classical works and Dixieland. They were celebrated for their versatility as most members, including star soloist and "trick trombonist" Paula Jones, doubled on both novelty (accordions, banjos) and symphonic instruments.


The group toured Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia and Brazil (where they also recorded for Columbia Records). The band appeared in several film shorts including The Band Beautiful and Syncopating Sweeties (Vitaphone 1928) and Maids and Music (RKO, 1937). "Maids and Music" was produced independently by Milton Schwarzwald's Nu-Atlas Productions and released as a 16mm home movie by Pictoreels. Sequences from this and other Schwarzwald short subjects were also re-edited into Soundies; in the case of "Maids and Music" the Soundies excerpt was titled "Ray Fabing's Versatile Ingenues.


The Ingenues arrive in Sydney, Australia, 1928-29


Further reading


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The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh

Friday 25th April 2014 was an extremely important day for Jenny and Brenda as they embarked on their new venture.

The day marked the start of a full day of training for The Vintage Cocktail Company held at the prestigious Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh. This was the first step to qualify for a licence to sell and serve alcohol.

Having satisfied the examiners and submitted an application to the Licensing Board, The Vintage Cocktail Company was duly granted a licence to sell and serve alcohol.

Three Cheers - Hip Hip Hurrah!


Cocktail of the Month





"Had a ball the other night with The Vintage Cocktail Company at a friends where I also made some sales of my jewellery. The cocktails were fab, so if you are in the Lothians area and you fancy a night of cocktails look them up! Don't these dinkies look amazing? I can tell you they taste amazing too...!"


Carol, She's A Bit Vintage




The Law Demands

If you're lucky enough to look under 25, please don't be offended if we ask for photo ID before serving you alcohol. It is a criminal offence to serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. So please make sure your guests are made aware of this when you invite them to your party. We have a legal duty to carry out these checks before serving alcohol. We have no wish to embarrass or offend you, your family or your friends should the need arise to refuse to serve someone alcohol.

Under 25 ?