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Shaken not Stirred

Brenda and Jenny prepare to serve Vintage Cocktails to their host and her guests at a house party in Penicuik.

Gosh... you're all dressed up and no where to go?

Haven't you heard? Staying in is the new going out!

“We stayed in on Saturday in the company of the Vintage Girls, having a whale of a time indulging in their sumptuous cocktails, and spending a lot less than we normally would going out!

It was awesome! They came out to the house and entertained us all evening, serving us with the cocktails we chose from their fabulous menu beforehand. They brought everything they needed and even tidied up after themselves – if it wasn’t for the fuzzy head the morning after, you wouldn’t have known they had been!”




You've Been Framed!

Vintage Cocktail Company Parties are all about letting your hair down and having fun with family and friends.

As part of our party packages we are offering to put your Vintage Cocktail Party in the picture frame and present you with a CD of your vintage experience with our sincere compliments.

In addition, we will select some of the photos to be displayed right here on our website and also on our Vintage Cocktail Company Facebook page - now how fabulous is that!

Be sure to check out our Vintage Cocktail Gallery to see even more captured moments.




Bathtub Gin


During Prohibition, bathtub gin was an extremely popular option over distilling whisky. It was easier to make, didn’t require a still, and it was ready to drink right away.


There’s actually a misconception out there about the term “Bathtub Gin”. Most people believe the term describes where the ingredients were mixed, when in fact, the term came about because a bathtub tap was used as the water source. Homemade gin requires combining grain alcohol, water, juniper berries and orange or lemon peel in a large jug and allowing the mixture to steep for a short period of time. Since the jug was often too large to fit under a sink tap, a bathtub tap was used. Other than the tap, the gin didn’t come in contact with a tub.


Getting water to make bathtub gin was easy, but getting alcohol presented a problem. That’s where people would get themselves into trouble. During Prohibition, alcohol continued to be produced in the United States for industrial uses such as fuels, polishes, and lubricants. Mob groups would divert industrial alcohols away for more profitable purposes, such as selling it to people wanting to make illegal gin. If done right, making bathtub gin was quick and easy. It didn’t require a still, the lack of odour made it harder to detect, and it didn’t need to be aged like whisky. You could drink bathtub gin minutes after mixing it. Since the taste was usually very harsh, people would mix it with other ingredients such as fruit juice to make the drink taste better. As a result, cocktails such as the gimlet became even more popular.

Cocktail of the Month



"Can highly recommend these ladies - absolute BEST tasting cocktails! And the kitchen looked the same when they left as when they arrived!"


Wendy, Livingston

"Thanks so much for last night, had a brilliant time! And everyone was rather tispy! I think you will be getting a few more bookings soon! Cocktails were lovely!"


Heather, Livingston



A Well-Stocked Bar


One of the many things that sets us apart from other cocktail companies or mobile bar services, is the varied and extensive range of our cocktail menus. Therefore, it is essential that we maintain a high level of stock, to enable us to provide such a diverse selection and style for our discerning guests.


We at the Vintage Cocktail Company pride ourselves on only using the finest premium-branded spirits and liqueurs, including unusual and out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, not generally found in high street stores, but instead sourced from specialist drink suppliers.

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Ever fancied making your own?


Well here's a handy "how to" guide!!


Combine 325ml water with 325ml strong grain alcohol in a sealable container. Add to this about 10 grams of dried juniper berries and 2 grams of orange or lemon peel. Cover the jar and store in a cool, dark place for two days to one week depending on how much flavour you want to infuse. Shake thoroughly once each day. When the mixture is uncovered, pass through a strainer for a sample of the iconic drink of the roaring twenties, although you'll probably want to mix it with cranberry or some other juice to help it go down!


On the other hand, you may care to save yourself the trouble and have The Vintage Cocktail Company serve you some appealing drinks from our wide-ranging menus !


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