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“It was during the Prohibition era, which ran from 1920-1933 that cocktails really came into their own. Although the golden age of cocktails was probably between 1860 and 1920, it was arguably in the roaring 1920s that cocktails became very popular.

It was a time of glamorous parties when bootleggers made millions selling their highly coveted illegally produced alcohol. It seems rather unfortunate that this happy time in the development of the cocktail coincided with a most unhappy state of affairs in the USA. The Prohibition had a number of effects on drinking culture. It forced drinkers underground into illicit bars known as speakeasies, or decadent private parties such as those hosted by Jay Gatsby.

These locations weren't dives though - quite the opposite; they were luxurious and lavishly decorated and were very female friendly, which lent additional glamour to cocktails. Because liquor was illegal, inferior bootleg, or moonshine was drunk, but it was often so vile that bartenders would mix it with juices and cordial to mask the flavour. This was one of the reasons that cocktails became so popular.

Many of the cocktails from this era were given seemingly innocuous names designed to fool the authorities, such as the Silk Stocking. Drinks would often be served in tea-cups in an effort to disguise them from the police force. Those bartenders who didn't wish to break the law during Prohibition hotfooted it down to Cuba, or even further afield to Europe to ply their trade anew in a different country, but with as much enthusiasm as ever. This was a particularly creative time for them. Many of the drinks we count as classics today, from the Bloody Mary to the Sidecar, were invented overseas during that period, with the names of the bartenders who created them still hallowed in bars around the globe.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had other ideas about Prohibition and it was repealed in 1933, shortly after he came into office. An accomplished drinker and handy bartender himself, FDR, along with Winston Churchill, was a great advocator of, among other cocktails, the Martini. Indeed, it was during a summit meeting between Joseph Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt in 1943 that Roosevelt first whipped up a round of Dirty Martinis for his companions.

Throughout the 20th century, the cocktail has been through booms and slumps in popularity. It has adapted to social phenomena such as Prohibition, wars, rises and falls in the stock market, and the power of media, and still flourishes in the 21st century, consistently evolving to suit our thirsts for something new and different. ”

– *extracted from Gatsby Cocktails - Classic Cocktails from the Jazz Age (Ryland, Peters & Small)

The Vintage Cocktail Company is dedicated to bringing "The Golden Age of Cocktails" right into your very own home.

We provide a unique cocktail party experience taking you back to the Roaring 20's. A time of boas, flappers and pearls, but more importantly, a time of luxurious and lavish parties, serving sumptuous and decadent cocktails.

We offer different packages to suit your individual needs and can cater for any type of gathering throughout the Scottish Central Belt, whether it be a small intimate group, hen or birthday party or a larger full scale event.

Packages start from £15 per person. Contact us for further information or to enquire about a booking.


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